The absolute most necessary phase is exploring universities.

The goal of writing this kind of composition may be to inquire and investigate. To compose an excellent essay or a brief article, you should coordinate your thinking, strategy the construction of the write-up, and from then on communicate your ideas utilizing the appropriate phrases. Allow your first-hand expertise be placed into phrases, when you’re… Read More »

London Games Society 5/11/2016 Results and videos!

Another successful month of LGS and we had an impromptu Blazblue tournament to celebrate the release of the game in English (Well having 6 set ups definitely does that). We had 15 players including some of London’s best in a quick and casual tournament with some amazing play showing off both old and new characters.

Examu are recruiting for a new Fighting Game!

Spotted on twitter, it seems that Examu are hiring new staff to make a Fighting Game!  It looks like they need Graphic Designer. For character graphics, backgrounds, effects production, UI and 3D animation? <Link> Planning Director Programmers Judging from what has been said, we can safely assume a few things Its NOT Arcana Heart 3… Read More »

LGS August on 13/08

LGS, our monthly meetup for Fighting Games, has it’s date confirmed! 13th of August Now here is a copy and paste of previous LGS pages. As always if you are looking for competition in Anime Fighting Games and to meet new people, this event is open to everybody!     LGS is a monthly event… Read More »

Blazblue Central Fiction Es Trailer

Arc System Works have released a promotional video, showing actual gameplay footage of Es from the XBlaze series! In my opinion, she looks awesome. Fast, long range and it seems like she has some attacks that linger? (See 00:39) Blazblue Central Fiction will be released in Japan on the 6th of October. The 1st Print… Read More »

DJ Max Technika 3 UK Cup July 30th

DJ Max Technika 3 UK Cup The time has come, one of the most famous music game franchises to bloom internationally for its unique music and addictive gameplay has its own national here in the UK and we have the honour of partnering up with the centre hosting it, Las Vegas Arcade Soho.

SFV & SSB Wii U at Mayamada’s Gamepad July 9th

Once again we are doing it. We’ll be supporting Mayamada’s Gamepad once again at the Petite Miracle Hub in Sheppard’s Bush.  We’ll be hosting Street Fighter V and Super Smash Brothers for Wii U as well as other fun games that people can pick up and play. Ubisoft will also be there showing off some… Read More »