Arcana Heart 3 Love Max – Going Fast

By | 4th July 2016

Homing Dash is the main unique mechanic which seperates AH3LM from other Fighters. It is a dash which will ignore gravity and pull you towards the opponent. Now I am going to assume you have never played AH2S and any game before that and skip the changes between versions

In AH3 and AH3LM, this homing dash cannot actually be stopped without attacking in some way. If you stop the homing dash with an attack, you will no longer be pulled towards the opponent and instead just fly in the direction you were going in when you attacked. However, you should notice that you are moving a lot slower than in the match videos you may of watched

This is Clarice, she is super fast


As you can see, she traverses the whole entire stage in maybe 0.5 seconds. Probably less

This is due to a mechanic in AH3 called Homing Boost. If you press D again plus a direction while in Homing state, you will gain a speed boost in that direction. This speed boost is lost quickly and eventually you will go back to normal speed. Now if you try this, you probably still don’t get the same speed

Now, theres a trick/tech/??? I call Homing Boost Cancel, others call it Speed Homing. In Japan I have no clue what they call it. Homing Boost Cancel allows you to boost with an attack and retain almost all of the speed gain from Homing Boosting, without the speed dropping off over time. Using HBC allows you to do all sorts of mixups, baits and punishes, making it a staple at higher levels of AH3LM play. It’s also fun as fuck to fling characters all other the place

So first, in order to understand why exactly this happens, let’s think about the properties of Homing itself and Boosting.


  • Moves towards the opponent at a set speed
  • Can be curved and tilted using directional input
  • Homing effect can only be stopped, by attacking, reaching the opponent or landing


  • Gives you a Sharp Speed Boost in the direction you are holding
  • Because of the effects of Homing, the speed increase is lost over time

There are many more properties, but these are the ones that matter for HBC.

The point of HCB is to get as much speed as possible from Homing. So first let’s Boost. Now due to the effects of homing, the speed will drop quickly, to the original speed of homing. So clearly you want to cut the effect of homing itself and as soon as possible. Now, the only way to cut the effect of Homing, is to do an attack.

You probably now understand what you need to do. You essentially just Boost and attack as soon as you can. If you play on an Arcade Stick, you want to press jD~X (X being any other button) as a Piano Motion or Plink Motion.

Ignore all of the theory in the video, all you want is the motion itself. Instead you want to input D and X, D first and X straight after, but done as a single motion. So not “Press D, then press X” but “Press D and X, but D first”

…not sure if that makes any sense. But as long as you can get it to work. If you are on pad…well…damn.

If you do this correctly, you should fly towards the opponent at a very high speed, with a button flying out. The best way to check if you have gotten the input correctly, is to actually do D~A. If you use A, you SHOULD get a throw since D+A is throw. If you do not, you are either amazing and you have managed to let go of D before hitting A, or you are doing it too slow.

Now take it one step further, remember that Homing Boost gives you a sharp boost in the direction you are holding. If you hold a direction while HBCing, you will instead fling your character in a different direction and not just towards the opponent

The best way to practise this in my opinion is to

  1. Pick Clarice
  2. Reset the stage
  3. Instant Airdash backwards
  4. Press jD
  5. Homing Boost with 8D instead of just D
  6. Plink/Piano into A while holding up

If it is done correctly, it should look like this


You will zoom past the opponent, while doing an Air Throw. Air Throw recovers so quickly, that you can even start ANOTHER Homing Dash, and get another HCB to return to the original spot

And I think that is all you need to get the basic Homing Boost Cancel / Speed Homing down. One thing to remember is that, you may be doing Homing Boost Correctly, but every character has different Boost Speeds, Clarice being by far the fastest. For now, practise it with Clarice and then when you have it down 100%, do it with your own character.

If you have any questions, find me on Twitter @Frostybolty or on Discord Here

Have fun flying guys! and yes this article is probably poorly written. Writing is not my strong pointD:

tl;dr – There is none