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Examu are recruiting for a new Fighting Game!

Spotted on twitter, it seems that Examu are hiring new staff to make a Fighting Game!  It looks like they need

  • Graphic Designer. For character graphics, backgrounds, effects production, UI and 3D animation? <Link>
  • Planning Director
  • Programmers


Judging from what has been said, we can safely assume a few things

  • Its NOT Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars Console port :/
  • It will use 3D, so it will probably be a HD game
  • If they are recruiting now, it won’t see a release for ages

I am personally hoping its a new Arcana Heart. It could also be a new Aquapazza when you think about all of the sequels to the original Aquaplus games.

…or it could be Monster Ancient Cline

Actual Poverty

Tweet: <Link>
BlogPost: <Link>


LGS August on 13/08

LGS, our monthly meetup for Fighting Games, has it’s date confirmed!

13th of August

Now here is a copy and paste of previous LGS pages. As always if you are looking for competition in Anime Fighting Games and to meet new people, this event is open to everybody!




LGS is a monthly event hosted in London. We play mainly Anime Fighting Games but we also play other things such as Weiss Schwarz and various other random games. The idea is to chill out, play games and get good

If you play Anime Fighting games, and you are looking for new competition to train against, or just want to find like minded people to hang with, this might be the event for you.

Next Event Date: 13th August 2016



Time: 2pm till 9pm

Venue Fee: £5


  • Arcana Heart 3 Love Max
  • Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend
  • Guilty Gear Xrd
  • Skullgirls 2nd Encore
  • Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late

Address: High Cross United Reformed Church, Colesterworth Road, High Road Tottenham, N15 4BN

Date: First Saturday of every month, next LGS is – 6th of February!

Rules: General FGC rules

If you need help, ask me on twitter or Rayokarna. @Frostybolty and @Rayokarna

Also please let me know if you are going, that way we can prepare setups! See you guys there!

Blazblue Central Fiction Es Trailer

Arc System Works have released a promotional video, showing actual gameplay footage of Es from the XBlaze series!

In my opinion, she looks awesome. Fast, long range and it seems like she has some attacks that linger? (See 00:39)

Blazblue Central Fiction will be released in Japan on the 6th of October. The 1st Print versions of the game will have Es as free Downloading Content. PQube will be releasing Blazblue Central Fiction in Q4 of this year

Blazblue Central Fiction playable at VSFighting!

PQube and Electronic Dojo have announced that Blazblue Central Fiction will be playable at this years VSFighting!


Blazblue Central Fiction is Arc System Works latest iteration of the popular Blazblue Fighting Game series scheduled to be released in Q3 for Japan and Q4 for us in EU. PQube, the publishers of Blazblue Central Fiction in Europe, will be showing it off at VSFighting this year, making VSFighting the first Event in the UK to have the game playable.

So here is the event info!

Name: VSFighting 2016

Date: 6-7th of August

Location: The Studio 7 Cannon St Birmingham B2 5EP


  • Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
  • Mortal Kombat XL
  • Street Fighter 5
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2?
  • Smash 4
  • Killer Instinct


So who will we see there?


EU PSN Sale for Fighting Games!

psn sale

It seems that there are a large number of Fighting Games on sale at the moment for the EU Region! I have looked through and listed the notable ones of interest. Unfortunately it only shows the prices in pounds for me, so click the links and find out how much they are in Euros (or whichever currency is used in your region)

Anyways here is a compiled list. I am not sure how long these will stay on sale for, so get them while you can

Enjoy! Remember to share this post to anybody who might be interested in getting some Fighting Games for cheap!

Arc Revo Announced!

Arc System Works have announced Arc Revo 2016! This time it seems like it will be at Toushinsai this year

ArcRevo splash

In order to enter Arc Revo, you must first win an Arc Revo qualifier tournament first, meaning that only the very best will be present at this tournament. This event is sure to be streamed, so if you are interested in Arc System Works games, be sure to tune in!

Date: 15-16 October 2016


  • Guilty Gear Xrd
  • Blazblue Central Fiction
  • Under Night In-birth
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Non-Arc System Works Games:

  • Ultra Street Fighter 4
  • Nitroplus Blasterz
  • Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax
  • Tekken 7 Fated Retribution

Surprisingly, it seems USF4 is still being played in Japan, enough to warrant a big tournament for it. Hopefully we will have more information about Toushinsai closer to the date

Toushinsai Website here
Arc Revo 2016 Website here

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max – Going Fast

Homing Dash is the main unique mechanic which seperates AH3LM from other Fighters. It is a dash which will ignore gravity and pull you towards the opponent. Now I am going to assume you have never played AH2S and any game before that and skip the changes between versions

In AH3 and AH3LM, this homing dash cannot actually be stopped without attacking in some way. If you stop the homing dash with an attack, you will no longer be pulled towards the opponent and instead just fly in the direction you were going in when you attacked. However, you should notice that you are moving a lot slower than in the match videos you may of watched

This is Clarice, she is super fast


As you can see, she traverses the whole entire stage in maybe 0.5 seconds. Probably less

This is due to a mechanic in AH3 called Homing Boost. If you press D again plus a direction while in Homing state, you will gain a speed boost in that direction. This speed boost is lost quickly and eventually you will go back to normal speed. Now if you try this, you probably still don’t get the same speed

Now, theres a trick/tech/??? I call Homing Boost Cancel, others call it Speed Homing. In Japan I have no clue what they call it. Homing Boost Cancel allows you to boost with an attack and retain almost all of the speed gain from Homing Boosting, without the speed dropping off over time. Using HBC allows you to do all sorts of mixups, baits and punishes, making it a staple at higher levels of AH3LM play. It’s also fun as fuck to fling characters all other the place

So first, in order to understand why exactly this happens, let’s think about the properties of Homing itself and Boosting.


  • Moves towards the opponent at a set speed
  • Can be curved and tilted using directional input
  • Homing effect can only be stopped, by attacking, reaching the opponent or landing


  • Gives you a Sharp Speed Boost in the direction you are holding
  • Because of the effects of Homing, the speed increase is lost over time

There are many more properties, but these are the ones that matter for HBC.

The point of HCB is to get as much speed as possible from Homing. So first let’s Boost. Now due to the effects of homing, the speed will drop quickly, to the original speed of homing. So clearly you want to cut the effect of homing itself and as soon as possible. Now, the only way to cut the effect of Homing, is to do an attack.

You probably now understand what you need to do. You essentially just Boost and attack as soon as you can. If you play on an Arcade Stick, you want to press jD~X (X being any other button) as a Piano Motion or Plink Motion.

Ignore all of the theory in the video, all you want is the motion itself. Instead you want to input D and X, D first and X straight after, but done as a single motion. So not “Press D, then press X” but “Press D and X, but D first”

…not sure if that makes any sense. But as long as you can get it to work. If you are on pad…well…damn.

If you do this correctly, you should fly towards the opponent at a very high speed, with a button flying out. The best way to check if you have gotten the input correctly, is to actually do D~A. If you use A, you SHOULD get a throw since D+A is throw. If you do not, you are either amazing and you have managed to let go of D before hitting A, or you are doing it too slow.

Now take it one step further, remember that Homing Boost gives you a sharp boost in the direction you are holding. If you hold a direction while HBCing, you will instead fling your character in a different direction and not just towards the opponent

The best way to practise this in my opinion is to

  1. Pick Clarice
  2. Reset the stage
  3. Instant Airdash backwards
  4. Press jD
  5. Homing Boost with 8D instead of just D
  6. Plink/Piano into A while holding up

If it is done correctly, it should look like this


You will zoom past the opponent, while doing an Air Throw. Air Throw recovers so quickly, that you can even start ANOTHER Homing Dash, and get another HCB to return to the original spot

And I think that is all you need to get the basic Homing Boost Cancel / Speed Homing down. One thing to remember is that, you may be doing Homing Boost Correctly, but every character has different Boost Speeds, Clarice being by far the fastest. For now, practise it with Clarice and then when you have it down 100%, do it with your own character.

If you have any questions, find me on Twitter @Frostybolty or on Discord Here

Have fun flying guys! and yes this article is probably poorly written. Writing is not my strong pointD:

tl;dr – There is none

LGS – 6th Feb

LGS is back! We had to skip a month because the venue was not open for January

Anyways, same deal this month. Screens will be available for people to play on. Games present will be

  • Arcana Heart 3 Love Max
  • Skullgirls
  • Blazblue Chronophantasma
  • Guilty Gear Xrd
  • Under Night In-Birth

For more information, check out the LGS page !

LGS – 5th of December!

LGS will be taking place this weekend! Pretty much the same business as usual but with some additions!

  • Blade Arcus will be playable at the Event! If you have not tried it out, I think now is a good time
  • Skullgirls 2nd Encore will be playable

And then the usual games

  • Arcana Heart 3 Love max!!!!!
  • Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend
  • Guilty Gear Xrd
  • Under Night In-Birth Exe:late

If you are interested in any of these games, be sure to pop down and play. More details can be found here