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London Games Society 5/11/2016 Results and videos!

Another successful month of LGS and we had an impromptu Blazblue tournament to celebrate the release of the game in English (Well having 6 set ups definitely does that). We had 15 players including some of London’s best in a quick and casual tournament with some amazing play showing off both old and new characters.

SFV & SSB Wii U at Mayamada’s Gamepad July 9th

Once again we are doing it. We’ll be supporting Mayamada’s Gamepad once again at the Petite Miracle Hub in Sheppard’s Bush.  We’ll be hosting Street Fighter V and Super Smash Brothers for Wii U as well as other fun games that people can pick up and play. Ubisoft will also be there showing off some… Read More »

Blazblue Central Fiction playable at VSFighting!

PQube and Electronic Dojo have announced that Blazblue Central Fiction will be playable at this years VSFighting! Blazblue Central Fiction is Arc System Works latest iteration of the popular Blazblue Fighting Game series scheduled to be released in Q3 for Japan and Q4 for us in EU. PQube, the publishers of Blazblue Central Fiction in Europe,… Read More »

Pokken Tournament 4th July Results

It has been another amazing evening at Meltdown with a ton of Pokken action with multiple twists and turns. Overall it was fun with new comers really shaking up the scene but at the end there could only be one winner.

Arc Revo Announced!

Arc System Works have announced Arc Revo 2016! This time it seems like it will be at Toushinsai this year In order to enter Arc Revo, you must first win an Arc Revo qualifier tournament first, meaning that only the very best will be present at this tournament. This event is sure to be streamed,… Read More »

DAT Team X NGI Pokken Tournament Mondays

Coming up this Monday will be our new running series with DAT Team with Pokken Tournament. Featuring some of the UK Finest, this is the best place to level up and play the game. Come to Meltdown and play your heart out as people prepare for worlds and level up!

Presenting Revolution 2016

Revolution 2016: As people know, at Angel’s Duel we announced the dates and games lined up for the tournament. This will be the biggest Revolution ever in terms of industry partners, things to do and tournaments. With main show confirmed and ready to go we will be doing all sorts of exciting things on the… Read More »