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Arcana Heart 3 Love Max – Going Fast

Homing Dash is the main unique mechanic which seperates AH3LM from other Fighters. It is a dash which will ignore gravity and pull you towards the opponent. Now I am going to assume you have never played AH2S and any game before that and skip the changes between versions In AH3 and AH3LM, this homing… Read More »

Angel’s Duel Results!

  Results for Angel’s Duel 2016: Here is the results for Angel’s Duel 2016. While the event was low key, it still brought out some interesting plays and amazing matches. here is the top three for all of the games: Nitroplus Blasterz: 1st: Frost 2nd: Boswer 3rd: GATK|Crothers Arcana Heart 3: 1st: Frost 2nd: AngelDarkSong… Read More »