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This months Podcasts looks at 2015 and the events coming in February and March. We also look at smoe games like Destiny The Taken King and Darius Burst Chronicle Saviours.

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Legacy Podcasts

Podcast 3: The Vita Resurgence

Featuring: Rayokarna and Cmdr Nippon

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The Vita makes a storming coming back with various releases and various news around that date. 

Podcast 2: What is a Rail Shooter?

Featuring: Rayokarna, Cmdr Nippon, Firei and Junk Boy.

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The 4 talk about various Rail Shooters from House of the Dead series to Time Crisis and anything in between. Special shout outs to GalGun! 

Podcast 1: Talking Agarest and Phantasy Star Online 2

Link here!

Rayokarna speaks about the troubles of Agarest after the bet made with Frost and the awful aspects of the game. Frame Skipping on a static image is not something that he would personally pay for.