Examu are recruiting for a new Fighting Game!

By | 14th July 2016

Spotted on twitter, it seems that Examu are hiring new staff to make a Fighting Game!  It looks like they need

  • Graphic Designer. For character graphics, backgrounds, effects production, UI and 3D animation? <Link>
  • Planning Director
  • Programmers


Judging from what has been said, we can safely assume a few things

  • Its NOT Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars Console port :/
  • It will use 3D, so it will probably be a HD game
  • If they are recruiting now, it won’t see a release for ages

I am personally hoping its a new Arcana Heart. It could also be a new Aquapazza when you think about all of the sequels to the original Aquaplus games.

…or it could be Monster Ancient Cline

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