Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 3.2 (Looking at Midas)

By | 2nd March 2016

It’s time for another post about Final Fantasy XIV and now it’s about Midas. Midas is the follow up raid area in the current Alexander story line after Gordias. This area now doused in complete gold (Based on the story of Midas) is now where the Warrior of Light and Friends try to take out the Illuminati in their latest push in reviving and controlling the great primal Alexander.


As with every raid area since the Second Coil of Bahamut, the area is split up in to 4 areas each with its own boss and since 3.0, each raid area has a normal difficulty and Savage. The current item level entry barrier is 200 so you’ll need a complete Esoterics or Void Ark gear to get in. The drops from normal are item level 220 and 240 for Savage.


However Midas is interesting due to how many mechanics are brought into the normal difficulty. Tank swaps are more required, the healer checks are more intense and it also plays with numerical and status effect mechanics. This gives it much more depth than Gordias where the most mechanic heavy fight was Gordias 3 (and Savage respectively).


Gone is the heavy emphasis on damage checks throughout most of the fights, having a greater baring on how much coordination a group has and how they manage requirements. It’s less about gear and more about the team work. Those changes have shown to make much more intense fights where the mechanics keep you more on your toes than fighting various bullet sponges. I appreciate them changing it up and everyone should give them ago, even if you aren’t interested in Savage.

ffxiv_02032016_124554                                                        ffxiv_02032016_113050