Final Fantasy XIV’s Odin in PSO2

By | 7th July 2016

Well the planets aligned and somehow two of the biggest MMORPG & ORPG games in Japan have to come together for a crossover that nobody would have dreamed of suggesting several years ago. With the July 7th update for PSO2, several staple FFXIV outfits, weapons and various music and enemies have ended up in the world of PSO2. At the time of announcement this came as a shock to both sets of fans but looking at the content delivered, it was definitely carefully picked on what content would go in Action driven ORPG.


As a long time player of FFXIV and a veteran player of PSO2 I was interested to see how Sega could do justice to the legendary Odin and bring it’s Urth’s Fount duty to life in a different game considering the pace of the two game’s battle mechanics are so very different.

One of the first things about the general mission layout if the reduced healing potency of Resta and all items. This is an interesting and excellent nod to the FFXIV system mechanics where in Raids and other larger fights, everyone but the healer is not self sustainable. This mixed in with the increased incoming damage showed that they tried to make the mission about what role you play.

As for the Odin fight, it’s similar to the Odin fight in FFXIV but he has a few extra skills under his belt. His notable changes are now his AOEs now move before they stop. This PSO2 specific change makes considering that characters move faster in the world Phantasy Star than they do in PSO2.

Also his AOE spell causes blowback instead of just hitting everyone around him. This move can be quite dangerous due to being juggled into another attack. I’ve seen people get hit by this very easily and die for it.

Overall I enjoyed the change it brought and the throw back of my favourite online game at the moment. In terms of content, PSO2 still has a long way to go to find something that is actually really solid but this gives me hope they can look at other games and take ideas successfully from those.

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Here is a video of the Showdown with the Dark Blade of the Forest