London Games Society 5/11/2016 Results and videos!

By | 7th November 2016

Another successful month of LGS and we had an impromptu Blazblue tournament to celebrate the release of the game in English (Well having 6 set ups definitely does that). We had 15 players including some of London’s best in a quick and casual tournament with some amazing play showing off both old and new characters.



Brackets HERE

1st) Kiba (Valkenhayn)
2nd) ZeroD14th (Jin)
3rd) LordSpectreX (Izanami)
4th) BlackAce (Izanami)
5th) Mr. E (Amane)
5th) Frost (Naoto/Es)
7th) Zoular (Makoto/Rachel)
7th) 38thMaster1 (11)

Video Playlist of the event.