Pokken Tournament 4th July Results

It has been another amazing evening at Meltdown with a ton of Pokken action with multiple twists and turns. Overall it was fun with new comers really shaking up the scene but at the end there could only be one winner.

Arc Revo Announced!

Arc System Works have announced Arc Revo 2016! This time it seems like it will be at Toushinsai this year In order to enter Arc Revo, you must first win an Arc Revo qualifier tournament first, meaning that only the very best will be present at this tournament. This event is sure to be streamed,… Read More »

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max – Going Fast

Homing Dash is the main unique mechanic which seperates AH3LM from other Fighters. It is a dash which will ignore gravity and pull you towards the opponent. Now I am going to assume you have never played AH2S and any game before that and skip the changes between versions In AH3 and AH3LM, this homing… Read More »

DAT Team X NGI Pokken Tournament Mondays

Coming up this Monday will be our new running series with DAT Team with Pokken Tournament. Featuring some of the UK Finest, this is the best place to level up and play the game. Come to Meltdown and play your heart out as people prepare for worlds and level up!

Presenting Revolution 2016

Revolution 2016: As people know, at Angel’s Duel we announced the dates and games lined up for the tournament. This will be the biggest Revolution ever in terms of industry partners, things to do and tournaments. With main show confirmed and ready to go we will be doing all sorts of exciting things on the… Read More »

Angel’s Duel Results!

  Results for Angel’s Duel 2016: Here is the results for Angel’s Duel 2016. While the event was low key, it still brought out some interesting plays and amazing matches. here is the top three for all of the games: Nitroplus Blasterz: 1st: Frost 2nd: Boswer 3rd: GATK|Crothers Arcana Heart 3: 1st: Frost 2nd: AngelDarkSong… Read More »

Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 3.2 (Looking at Midas)

It’s time for another post about Final Fantasy XIV and now it’s about Midas. Midas is the follow up raid area in the current Alexander story line after Gordias. This area now doused in complete gold (Based on the story of Midas) is now where the Warrior of Light and Friends try to take out… Read More »

Jamming with Marvelous AQL Europe

As we are known for at NGI, we tend to go chill out with publishers of niche games and hang out for a bit, talk various rubbish and even play some games. However we came to Tunbridge Wells with a bit of a project to do. We worked on a set of videos in a… Read More »