The King of Iron Fist Tournament UK Qualifier 2016 feat. StarScream, MBA Rookang, PND Ketchup, PND Mustard and more.

By | 4th November 2016

We are happy to announce we’ll be covering the Tekken 7 Fated Retribution King of Iron Fist International Tournament’s UK Qualifier at the Namco’s office on Friday November 11th.

Commentators will include Ketchup and Mustard famous for their knowledge in various games. The 64 many tournament will be played on the latest 1.05 version of the Arcade version of Tekken 7 Retribution which includes all of the major balance changes made recently with the inclusion of characters Bob and Master Raven.

This 64 man invitational includes layers like StarScream, Veggy, Dinosaur, Inti and other well known players within the UK.

We’ll be streaming it over at Bandai Namco’s Europe channel starting from 11am so make sure you’re there to watch some of the UK’s best battle it out to win a trip to the International King of Iron Fist Tournament.

This tournament is also powered by Burning Meter, check out the brackets HERE.